A Brief History


The Queensland Clarinet and Saxophone Society has been in existence for over 35 years. It was founded by Rodney Jacobsen, former Principal Clarinet of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Initially the Society was known as the ‘Queensland Chalumeau Society’ and was extensively clarinet oriented, but this was later changed to the ‘Queensland Clarinet and Saxophone Society’ so as to include saxophone players amongst its membership.

The running of the Society is entirely voluntary, and over the years many dedicated people have worked hard to provide a worthwhile service to its members. The Society boasts a large membership and has generated interest from all over Australia.

The main function of the Society is the advancement and nurturing of clarinet and saxophone playing at all levels – beginners (adult and children), full and part-time students and professional players and teachers. Many Australian professional players gave their first public performance through this Society. Society activities include regular masterclasses and workshops, with overseas and interstate visitors when possible, AMEB workshops, ensemble workshops, saxophone workshops, student concerts and recitals by local musicians.